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Month: April 2020

metal air robot harvester

Metal for Energy

Scavenger Robots Eat Metal for Energy An interesting article offering another solution for a power resource beyond the two basic options: batteries and harvesters. Read the article HERE Contact Winston Engineering for your electrical design needs.

aerial view of empty freeway interchange

City Design Changes

Past pandemics changed the design of cities. Six ways COVID-19 could do the same “The bubonic plague, which wiped out at least a third of Europe‚Äôs population in the 14th century, helped to inspire the radical urban improvements of the Renaissance.” Read the article HERE

weighing the pros and cons

Weighing Your Options

Weighing Your Options: Should ECs retrofit LEDs or buy new? For more information on making a wise decision regarding LED conversion or retrofitting, contact Winston Engineering for design advice. Read the informative article HERE

park and road closed signs

COVID-19 Energy Usage Down

COVID-19: America hasn’t used this little energy in 16 years COVID-19 has seen the closure of public spaces, businesses and factories all across America. For more information about your energy design needs, contact Winston Engineering. Read the article HERE

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