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Month: October 2021


New Iron-Air Battery

New Iron-Air Battery Technology Adds Multiday Storage to Renewables “…the quest to improve large-scale battery efficiency never winds down. The search for breakthrough materials has led to some surprising possibilities.” Read the article HERE

Power Grid

EVs Driving Growth

EVs Driving Growth in Smart Grid Technology “The electric grid faces many challenges as renewables and other technologies transform energy generation, distribution and consumption. ” Read the article HERE

3d printing house

Emergent 3D-printing

Added Dimensions: Emergent 3D-printing technology layers a new path “Houses are being 3D-printed, and electrical contractors need to anticipate their role in this brave new world.” An interesting read on 3D printing uses for our industry. Read the article HERE

Riding the Waves of Light

Riding the Waves of Light

Riding the Waves of Light: Li-Fi is transforming light and data “It’s a wireless world: our phones are mobile, we can take our laptops anywhere and building design programs are now tablet-accessible. Heavy data demands, however, can often make wireless less nimble. Think of slower service, weak signals, video freeze-ups and other latency issues. Riding …

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