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8 Considerations For Indoor Cultivation Facilities

 When Cannabis Business Times Asks You to Write an Article, You Say “Yes”!

Winston Engineering LLC has been featured in Cannabis Business Times (Here is the Link)! In August 2017 I attended my first cannabis cultivation conference held by Cannabis Business Times. It was an amazing experience being around so many people who were so passionate about the industry. Before attending the conference, I figured doing facility engineering for indoor cultivation would provide another revenue stream for Winston Engineering LLC. What I learned was how this intricate plant has transformed the lives of so many people. There were countless stories of individuals who dealt with pain for years and now they are able to lead productive lives. I heard stories of children that suffered from seizures and due to CBD (doesn’t get you high like THC), their seizures have been drastically reduced and in some cases, stopped completely. I also learned how cities are providing people who have been affected by the war on drugs with a new lease on life allowing them to work in the industry to improve their lives and lives of their families.

Listening to these stories shifted my focus from making more revenue for the company, to getting involved with an industry that has the potential to change many more lives.

Throughout the conference I met a lot of industry professionals including Cassie Neiden, Managing Editor of Cannabis Business Times and Noelle Skodzinski, Editorial Director of Cannabis Times. So when Cassie asked me to write an article about what to look for when searching for an indoor cannabis  cultivation facility, I couldn’t turn it down! I had my hesitations because I am not a writer, but I said “yes” and made it happen! Again, the article can be found here.

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