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Streetlighting the Way to 5G

In our interconnected world, streetlights are evolving beyond illumination, becoming vital hubs for 5G technology and sensors. This article explores how cities are leveraging the ubiquitous presence of streetlights to enhance connectivity. Streetlights are now essential components of digital infrastructure, offering power and space for 5G communications and various sensors.

Manufacturers like Signify lead the way by making streetlights smarter, providing cities with cost savings, energy efficiency, and remote monitoring capabilities. Real-world applications include Mesa, Arizona, using streetlight-mounted cellular nodes for downtown Wi-Fi, and Mount Vernon, New York, employing smart dimming to conserve energy during off-peak hours.

As technology advances, the article envisions a future where streetlights play a central role in wireless kiosks, smartphone applications, and connected vehicles. The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute is mentioned for testing smart road technologies that utilize 5G capabilities.

In summary, the article anticipates continued growth in smart street lighting over the next 5-10 years, as cities embrace these intelligent fixtures to illuminate not just streets but the path to a more connected and efficient future.

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By Chuck Ross

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