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Advancing Through Emerging Tech: How ECs can successfully use A.I. in business

The article highlights concerns about the accuracy of information related to electrical safety, arc flash, and NFPA 70E found in articles, especially those generated by artificial intelligence (A.I.) applications. The author notes instances of incorrect or outdated information, potentially sourced from unreliable sources on the internet or A.I. programs. Examples include inaccurate statements about OSHA regulations, insufficient details on arc flash protection, and the use of outdated terminology. The article emphasizes the importance of verifying information, especially in critical areas like electrical safety, by consulting the latest editions of relevant standards such as NFPA 70E and IEEE 1584. The author also shares their own experiment using an A.I. program to generate an article on electrical safety, revealing inaccuracies in the content. The key recommendation is to critically evaluate and verify information from reliable sources when dealing with topics related to safety standards.

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