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California Highways Could Be the Next Hot Spot for Solar

By Rick Laezman | Sep 15, 2023.

A recent analysis by the Environment California Research & Policy Center reveals a groundbreaking opportunity for solar power generation along the shoulders of highways in Ventura, Los Angeles, and San Diego counties. Covering just the roadside shoulders, these three Southern California counties offer over 4,800 acres of untapped land for solar panels. This unconventional space could contribute 960 megawatts of clean energy capacity, powering more than 270,000 homes annually. The study, conducted by The Ray, also suggests that the lower 48 states have over 52,000 acres of empty roadside land, presenting a nationwide opportunity to generate up to 36 terawatt-hours of clean energy each year. The concept of “solar highways” is gaining momentum in various states, marking a promising stride towards sustainable and innovative energy solutions.

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