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 The Legal Cannabis Industry in California and Building Legal Cannabis Cultivation Facilities

The use of Cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes in California is an old phenomenon. The industry has grown tremendously since its legalization. The industry is expected to tow in billions in revenue in 2019 as 3,200 to 3,600 American storefront Cannabis dispensaries roll out across the state of California. A report from BDS analytics estimates that the sales of Cannabis will be above $5.1 billion in 2019. In comparison, the sale of cannabis is estimated to approach the yearly revenue generated from the sale of alcohol. The sale of alcohol in California hit $5 billion in 2017 and has constantly increased to $6.3 billion. California is the sixth largest economy in the world with a population of close to 40 million people. What this means, is that it will account for a huge chunk of the total market for cannabis in North America. Currently in California you can recreational grow up to 6 Cannabis plants at home. However, for Commercial Indoor Cannabis Cultivation this number is significantly different. This was an event which was destined to occur in California due to it’s new laws. However, before you cultivate Cannabis for domestic or commercial use, there are several things that you should bear in mind.

Personal Cannabis Cultivation Facilities

You Are Currently Allowed To Grow a Maximum of 6 Plants. The minimum age for cultivating Cannabis in California is 21 years old. This drug is being treated similar to alcohol and you cannot consume or cultivate if you are not 21+ years of age. This was marked the clearest part of the new Cannabis laws in California. The government insists that you should grow at most 6 Cannabis plants. If you decide to cultivate more than 6 plants without proper state licensing, regardless of their growing stage you can face a fine & jail time. Although there are several other states in the US that allow adults to grow additional plants that are not already in their flowering stage, California law is clear that you should keep at most six plants in your garden at any given time. The governments came into conclusion with this law after the upcoming concerns regarding the water supply. The only good thing here is that you can produce more ‘’Cannabis’’ with these six plants especially if you have advanced growing techniques..

You Should Keep Your Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Personnel

The other law that the government wanted to keep clear and avoid contradiction is that every Californian shouldn’t cultivate Cannabis for use at home. It is a personal privilege and should at all cost be kept private. You should grow ‘’Cannabis’’ on your jurisdiction and people shouldn’t be able to see your plants.

You Should Always Keep Less Than 28.5 Grams of Cannabis

Lawmakers sat down and concluded that every person should at all-time have at most 28.5 grams of Cannabis which is totaling to one ounce. However, this doesn’t include the Cannabis that you are cultivating at your farm. What this means is that other than the six plants in your farm, can only keep an additional 28.5 grams on you at any given time.

Cultivating Cannabis is your right in California, towns and city council cannot keep you from growing ‘’Cannabis’’ in your house whether rental or private. It is your right and you should make sure you always know what your right are when it comes to cultivating cannabis just like you would with any other state law. Although rowing Cannabis in your is your right, there are several things that can get you in trouble. They include:

  • Growing more than six Cannabis seedlings in your garden can risk you a jail term.
  • This will get you in trouble with the state government.
  • The other thing is if you start selling your Cannabis without the proper state licensing and permits. Although this can be promising, it can get you into trouble with the state police.

Indoor Cultivation Facilities your own Cannabis and ensure that you comply with all state laws to avoid getting into trouble. Adopt the current technology for indoor Cannabis cultivation to maximize your production. For Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Facilities, visit

Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Licenses & Building Codes in California

Cannabis cultivation means any activity involving planting, caring to grow, harvesting, drying, grading, processing and trimming Cannabis. Nurseries are also encompassed within the cultivation rules. They are defined in the category of clone production, immature plants, seeds and other agricultural products that are used specifically for planting. The basic background and corporate information that is required for Cannabis cultivation license application will be closely indistinguishable to the information required when applying for retail, manufacturing and transportation licenses.

The applicant for the license will have to provide all background information of any criminal convictions, traffic infractions, and excepting juvenile adjudication. They are also required to provide information of rehabilitation for any of the convictions. The applicant should provide all the legal documents for the right to occupy and use the proposed location. If you are the owner of the location, then you must include a copy of the title deed. If the applicant is not the official owner of the place they are going to operate in, they are supposed to provide: A certificate from the property owner with the probe of occupation, mailing address from the facilities owner and a copy of the rental or lease agreement.

Another thing about the new laws for Cannabis cultivation is that a cultivation site should be at least 600-foot radius from a school or a rehabilitation center. The applicants should also provide a proof that they are currently applying for a sellers permit or they have a valid seller’s permit.

If the applicant is married, there is no open requirement that the spouse should be projected to rigorous background check process or even get fingerprinted. However, the spouse should be disclosed to the state. In addition, the state law doesn’t restrict the total number of licenses a person should hold as long as it doesn’t exceed 4 acres. However, if you have a Producing Dispensary License you will only be limited to one Medium Outdoor or One Medium Mixed-Light License. While the laws are very structured and outlined, it can be very difficult to navigate your way through this new industry. There are currently 12 Types of Commercial Licenses that you can poses for Cannabis Cultivation Facilities within California. For a list of the current Cannabis Cultivation Facilities Laws please see here.

What About Medical Users

The state law in regard to the increasing need for medical Cannabis use came into conclusion that medical card holders will not pay sales tax on retail Cannabis. What this means is that as of June 2017, California will has been open for both recreational and medical Cannabis business. There are several licenses that you are supposed to obtain from the Bureau of Cannabis Control, CDPH’s manufactured cannabis safety branch and CDFA’s Cannabis Cultivation Licensing for retailers, cultivators, micro-businesses, manufacturers and event organizers. The licensing is now under effect since January 1st 2018.

The state allows small business owners to cultivate, and open a Cannabis retail stores. Whether this is legal or not will only range with the county and the town or city of residence. One of the best ways to Cultivate Cannabis in California is to collaborate with retail shops, extraction product manufacturers or delivery services.

Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Facilities in California

For many years, patients licensed to grow and use Cannabis in California have been growing it in small scale at their homes. However, warehouse production of Cannabis has come to replace growing of Cannabis in small grow rooms for medical and recreational use. The Integrated Cannabis growing solutions provided by Winston Engineering have been designed by combining expertise, experience and know how from people all over the world. It is this combination of over 10 years of experience and the automated agricultural production techniques that has allowed Winston Engineering to help many new Commercial Cannabis Owners succeed. For more information on Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Facilities provided by Winston Engineering please visit

Winston Engineers provides lighting in the warehouse, cultivation benches, irrigation, CO2 injection, dehumidification and computerized climate control systems. Without natural light in the warehouse, the grow room depends on intelligent grow lights which needs to replicate the parts of the light from the sun that the ‘’Cannabis’’ needs to grow at each stage.

The Air filtration facilities offered by Winston Engineers are essential for eliminating exhaust odors and controlling heat buildup in the warehouse. The company also provides several irrigation systems for growing Cannabis in the granary including trough benches, drip irrigation and hydroponic flood benches. The computerized systems provided by the Weston Engineering company monitor and switch air circulation, irrigation needs of the plant, lights, and all the needed nutrients.

Cannabis Facility Engineering is an expert-based process that requires coordination from the grower and the owner. Every facility provided at this level is unique and also every grower and the owner have varying tastes and preference courtesy of their own experience in the industry. Winston engineering LCC are specialists in Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Facilities Design taking the ideas, budget and the experience from you to maximize your cannabis production.

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