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2022 Rebate Outlook:

Overall trends for the year “In about three-fourths of the United States, utilities or energy-efficiency organizations offer a commercial lighting rebate program, according to rebate fulfillment firm BriteSwitch, which recently compiled its 2022 North American rebate database.” Read the article HERE

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Buyer Beware:

Potential electrical problems when buying an older home “I conducted a courtesy electrical inspection for a friend who had purchased a home from a real estate agent, who previously owned and occupied it. The house had supposedly been totally rewired by an “electrician” in the year prior, and there was a fairly detailed home inspection …

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solar panels on footprint

Emerging PV Panel Developments:

Solar tech and energy-storage advancements gain support “Academic Researchers are developing technology and methodology that may boost the viability of solar power as a sustainable, prosperous energy source. Adoption of solar as a key energy source has been slowed by such barriers as energy storage, efficient design and public acceptance.” Read the article HERE


Transparent Solar Panels

Transparent Solar Panels Could Soon Replace Windows Near You “Solar panels have a seat at the table in the transition to more sustainable energy sources. The renewable energy industry is hard at work creating solar solutions that are more accessible, affordable and practical for the average household. Solar panel windows might soon fit the part. …

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Water as a Battery

Water as a Battery: Pumped storage hydropower gets rejuvenated “When you hear the term “energy storage,” you might picture large lithium batteries housed in shipping containers. While a burgeoning market, it is not the biggest by far. That honor goes to pumped storage hydropower (PSH). The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) estimates PSH represents 93% …

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Concrete Gets Smart

Concrete Gets Smart: Companies are testing and deploying emerging concrete technology The integration of construction materials brings together the previously siloed worlds of electrical contracting and concrete. “While early in development, some specialized concrete is storing solar power and lighting up without a traditional electric source, while other concrete-based systems—such as roads and highways—incorporate electric …

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Smart Electric Panels

Smart Electric Panels Could Help Meet Increasing Electricity Demand “Moving households away from fossil fuels and toward green energy solutions will require much more electricity—two to three times more, according to the Rewiring America Handbook. A modern American household will need electricity for vehicle charging, cooking, cleaning and heating, and often all at once.” Read the …

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