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Microgrids Powering Up the Renewable Economy

Microgrids Powering Up the Renewable Economy

Microgrids Powering Up the Renewable Economy “Renewable generation is not the only innovation driving change in the nation’s energy infrastructure; microgrids are also on the rise. A study by the market research firm Guidehouse Insights makes a strong case for the economic benefits of microgrids as the nation transitions to renewable power sources.” Read the …

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new home construction

Home Construction Trending Toward Larger Homes

Home Construction Trending Toward Fewer, but Larger, Homes “…While the total number of new homes being built has been decreasing a bit, the size of those new homes, as well as the size of existing homes (as the result of expansions) has been increasing. This is good news for contractors.” Read the article HERE

truck with solar

Solar Keeps on Truckin

Solar Keeps on Truckin’: New options for tractor-trailer electrification “Long-term, truck operators are eyeing fleet electrification or use of renewable liquid fuel, such as hydrogen, to eliminate diesel-related greenhouse gas emissions.” Read the article HERE

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Making the LED Switch

Making the LED Switch: The rise and maturation of sustainable LED lighting “LED lighting and its aid to sustainable business goals is the trend to watch for electrical contractors. LED technology is on pace to replace traditional incandescent lighting for homeowners, and it is also making inroads into new commercial construction, buildings, facilities, highways and …

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rebate money falling from the sky

Energy-efficient Product Incentives

Rebate Update: Energy-efficient product incentives are out there for the taking “For the past three decades, contractors have capitalized on energy-efficient product rebates from the roughly 3,000 U.S. utilities—incentives proven to reduce energy consumption and drive upgrade activity among homes, businesses and institutions.” Read the article HERE

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