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Construction Robotics Use on the Rise

“Straits Research firm predicts that the use of robotics in construction will triple globally by 2030, increasing from a market size valued at $50 million in 2021 to $164 million in just nine years. North America and Europe hold the lion’s share of the market and are expected to continue to be the biggest adopters. Detailed numbers rank Europe first, with 1.2 robots for every 10,000 construction workers, while the United States has only 0.2 robots per 10,000 and China comes in third with a mere 0.1 per 10,000.

To date, adoption of robotics for construction has lagged behind this technology’s use in other industries. For example, according to a survey by ABB Robotics, part of the global tech company ABB, Cary, N.C., only 55% of construction companies in the United States, Europe and China use robotics, compared with 84% of automotive and 79% of manufacturing companies.

The existing construction robotics market includes segments such as demolition, 3D printing and bricklaying, for applications such as commercial and residential building, as well as public infrastructure.” Read the article HERE

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Construction Robotics Use on the Rise in the United States
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