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Power for Cultivation

Power for Cultivation – Kinsley

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Kinsley Energy - Co Gen Flyer


Steven Mathews is responsible for new business development. Based out of Philadelphia, Steven’s experience is in commercial HVAC and industrial electronics. He has worked in manufacturing facilities as an operations engineer, in offices with product management teams, and in the field as a sales engineer. He began his career as the lead sales engineer for a commercial HVAC manufacturer, where he led the roll-out across the US of a new product line that provides an energy-efficient retrofit solution to aging air handling units.

Steven holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.

Brent Voelker is the Director of Kinsley Energy Systems, responsible for business development, sales and service.  Brent began his career in energy as a nuclear engineer on U.S. Navy submarines.  He has over 28 years of experience in power generation and turbine & control systems design in aerospace.

Brent holds a BS in Engineering Physics from RPI and an MS in Energy Policy from VA Tech.

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