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Cultivation Start-up’s Best Friend

Why Electrical Engineers Are a Cultivation Start-up’s Best Friend

“One of the first steps for a cultivation start-up is to find a suitable location to grow. Vacant warehouses usually top the list.

Lease agreements are sometimes required to complete a license application, but groups may be hesitant to engage experts before they’re awarded a license and start raising funds.

If a warehouse looks big enough, and the previous tenant was a manufacturing business, it’s usually assumed there will be sufficient power.

Faced with impending application deadlines, sometimes property agreements are signed without engaging any experts at all, and the group collectively pats themselves on the back.

“Yay, we saved money!”

Spoiler alert: No, you didn’t.

Signing a lease on a building and then realizing you don’t have enough power is never money-saving news.

This scenario is all too familiar to Anthony Winston III, P.E., founder of Winston Engineering Inc., a full-service engineering firm that works in the cannabis industry.

I spoke with him recently about what cannabis start-ups should keep in mind as they estimate electrical needs for their facilities. Here are five quick takeaways from our conversation:” Read the article HERE to learn about the five recommendations from Winston Engineering.

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