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We are pleased to work on all government & education engineering projects. Due the scope of these projects, they often require our sharp analytical thinking combined with creative problem solving.

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We offer a wide range of Government & Education Engineering Services that can handle any aspect of building design including electrical, mechanical, and plumbing. We can analyze the load for a new lighting system or design a plan for solar installation

Building Design

We provide provide Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & HVAC Design services for Government & Educational Buildings.

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Solar Energy

We provide Solar Energy, Battery Backup, Power Design & Lighting Services. We are GSA approved and certified.

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Energy Improvement

Government buildings and educational facilities often see a great deal of foot traffic. Improving energy efficiency can cut down on costs and is environmentally friendly choice. Safety is a priority due to the heavy use of these buildings.

The Right Design Ensures Success

Our mechanical engineers are deeply involved in every aspect of the business design. They oversee material selection and building designs in order to be successful at launch. We also cover all the machinery within the building from HVAC systems, ducts and ventilation shafts as well as the pipes and pumps for all of these systems. We are always concerned with the environment and thus incorporate environmentally sound practices into our design work. You can expect that we prioritize natural light and ventilation as well utilizing energy saving resources when possible. We invite you to ask us about installing solar energy to further maximize savings.

  • Energy efficient designs will help the environment as well as cut costs overall.

  • Good design of the plumbing systems will increase the building’s efficiency and reduce cost.

  • A well designed plumbing system will ensure potable water is always available when needed.

  • Water conservation is possible through a system that is meticulously designed to deliver the building’s water needs efficiently.

  • Great design means great comfort and all systems working together.

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