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Winston Engineering at the Steer Conference: Strategic Transition to Electrification and Emissions Reduction (STEER) 2023

Canada is actively working to expand its electric vehicle (EV)
charging infrastructure, and the situation has evolved further since
then. Several key developments include the continued growth of charging
networks in urban areas and along major highways. Federal and provincial
governments were offering financial incentives and support for charging
station installations, encouraging their proliferation. Efforts to
ensure interoperability and standardization of charging infrastructure
are ongoing, making it easier for EV owners to access different charging

Home charging installations were becoming more common, boosting the
convenience of EV ownership. The adoption of electric vehicles,
including commercial fleets, are rising. Additionally, Canada’s
commitment to environmental goals, such as achieving net-zero emissions,
underscored the importance of EVs and their associated charging

Due to slow EV infrastructure construction, an aging utility grid and
slow EV supply chain, is it possible to meet federal and provincial

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