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At Border States Engineering Services we provide a variety of professional services to meet all your engineering needs. We know Engineering requires an ability to analyze existing data and come up with creative solutions to solve problems. When you are looking for an engineer, you want to find experience, commitment, resolve, and passion. We are proud to offer all of that through a variety of fields to serve you.


We provide electrical designs for commercial and residential structures. This includes full single-line creation using CAD. All designs are per the NEC, Title 24 and any applicable local and state requirements. We have also designed electrical vehicle charging stations for a variety of residences. We design back up systems (generators) and the lighting systems for any structure.

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We are happy to meet all of your mechanical (HVAC) and plumbing engineering needs. Using the latest ideas and newest technology on the market, we work to design practical and efficient solutions for your project.

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Retooled HVAC Will Affect Fire Alarms: Increased air flow may trigger duct smoke detectors


Border States Engineering Services has extensive experience designing EV infrastructure using level 1, 2 or 3 chargers. We can provide Engineering utilizing chargers of your choice for all projects large or small, whether it’s for a single family home, affordable housing, multifamily or commercial.

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Solar energy is environmentally friendly, a solid investment for any structure, the systems are durable, and a good solar energy system will help you save money over the long run. Investing in the installation of solar energy has become more affordable than ever. These are some of the many reasons we see more and more residential and commercial structures turning to solar energy as a solution.

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Net zero means achieving a balance between the greenhouse gases put into the atmosphere and those taken out. This state is also referred to as carbon neutral and can be accomplished by making buildings more efficient through building materials, lighting & plug load management, plumbing and HVAC.

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If you’re looking to build an indoor cultivation facility, we have got you covered! We have extensive experience in this area and can provide all the Engineering plans you need ranging from mechanical and plumbing to electrical in order to obtain building permits. We also provide MEP Engineering for all cannabis facilities (cultivation, dispensaries, lounges, manufacturing, extraction & distribution).


What is a photometric study? It allows us to analyze the lighting levels in a given area. We are able to model the lighting levels based on the lights you’d like to use (We specify Acuity brands) for indoor and outdoor (including street lighting projects). Winston Engineering Inc provides these services for normal and emergency egress lighting.

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rvs at motor park


For an RV facility, power is fed from the outlet in the pedestal into the power distribution center of the RV, where it has its own incoming 20-, 30- or 50-amp circuit breaker to feed your air conditioner, 12-volt converter, microwave, etc. The power calculation for multiple drops requires careful consideration.

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Fire sprinkler and fire alarm design is critical for the protection of life and property. We provide fire sprinkler and fire alarm design for residential and commercial buildings.

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the st.regis cairo

Property Improvement Plan Engineering

Hotel PIP (Property Improvement Plan) Engineering.
Hotel PIPs are an essential part of keeping brands refreshed. Winston Engineering can assist hotel operators/owners, architects, designers, general contractors, etc. with any necessary Mechanical (HVAC), Electrical and Plumbing Engineering required for the PIP. Our experience with hotel renovations and extensive experience with multifamily projects makes us the right choice for your MEP Engineering needs.


As housing demand soars and vacancy for office remains high, many clients require new ways to re-purpose their real estate investments. As the focus shifts away from office space, our team can help you create new use for these empty spaces with careful layouts and thoughtful conversion concepts. 

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